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Dr Gabriela is renowned for her innovative non-surgical treatments and ground-breaking skin care range

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  • During my pregnancy I developed very prominent and noticable stretch marks. I was completely unaware and had no knowledge of any clinics to improve the appearance these, until an organised talk from HEBE Clinic was arranged during my college course class. After this talk I decided to get in touch with HEBE Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic and after a consultation with dr Mercik I began a course of biomimetric mesotherapy treatments. I was absolutely amazed at the difference after just one treatment and have been continuing my appointments. HEBE is a very professional and welcoming clinic and I would definately recommend it to any female out there who, like me, developed the appearance of stretch marks. Its works wonders.


  • I want to say a huge thank you to Hebe team for doing an absolutely fantastic job doing dermaroller therapy. I could not of asked for a better team. Thank you so so so much.


  • While the injections were being administered, they were done very softly so I could not feel anything and in total they only took about 10-15 minutes to complete. Once I had taken the mask off, there were hardly any marks surrounding my eyes so you could not even tell that I had any treatment done, coupled with the zero recovery time. Thank you Dr Mercik.